Shin Koyamada

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Real name: Shin Koyamada
Birthdate: 10 March 1982
Birthplace: Okayama, Japan
Height: 175cm (5.9 ft )
Blood type: A
Languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Chinese Horoscope: Dog
Profession: Actor, Singer, Producer, Martial Artist, Philanthropist and Entrepreneur
Ethnicity: Asian
Education: Rochedale State High School (Australia) , High school Ichinomiya High School (graduated)
Family: Mother, Father, younger brother (Jun)
Other Skills: Singing

Hobbies: meeting new people, eating, sleeping, hanging out at beach, movies, traveling, spend time in nature
Actors: Tom Cruise (mentor), Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee

Martial Arts Skills:
- By 16, He began to study Keishinkan Karate - Japan - (earned san-dan (third degree) black belt)

- In 2000, he began training in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu - USA

- In 2005, he began in Tae Kwon Do - USA - (second degree Black Belt)

- In 2007, He began Kung Jung Mu Sul - USA - (first degree Black Belt)

- Through his junior and high school year, He took classes of Judo and Kendo for a few years - Japan
- He has studied include Aikido and Iaido

Quick Facts:
- Shin landed his debut feature film role in The Last Samurai without an agent or manager, just by submitting himself for various projects via an internet casting site.

- Was cast by a casting director Victoria Thomas in The Last Samurai (2003) with Tom Cruise.

- He was featured on an episode of the children's action show Power Rangers.

- He is trained in gymnastics, track, long distance bicycle racing and swimming.

- None of his family or relatives ever involved in entertainment industry.

- Discovered that his Great Grandpa was actually a real first class Samurai named Koyamada in Southern part of Japan called Kagoshima (2005)

- Continuously dedicate in intensive martial arts trainings as well as acting and dialect coaches.

- Was honored as The New Rising Martial Arts Action Star and did alive martial arts performance in World Martial Arts Expo'05, before a co-host by Alan F. Horn, President and C.O.O of WB and his family and Michael Klausman, President of CBS Studios (January, 2005).

- Won six U.S National tournaments in Kung Fu (Chinese Martial Arts) in six months in U.S.

- Based in Los Angeles ever since in a year of 2000.

- As a child, his idol and favorite actor was Jackie Chan and Tom Cruise, but he's never met Jackie Chan.

- Has a Third Degree in Japanese Calliography.

- Supports different Non-Profit Organization in the US, including Chuck Norris's KickStart in Houston, Texas.

- Immigrated to the USA in 2000, when he was just 18 years old.

- His first name '真' as 'Shin' means 'Truth' in Japanese.

- His Film/TV Production company called 'Shinca Productions' is located in Warner Brothers Building in Burbank, California.